Green Renewable Design
Manufactured in New Brunswick Canada
Instill Passion, Respect Nature
Unique Custom Design
We Specialize is Green Products
Green Renewable Design


All products are hand constructed of natural wood, steel, paint, stains limiting any and all exposure to excessive transportation. Products made of wood are constructed in a controlled weather environment. Weathering of the wood including shrinking and fading is considered to be a natural process.

Keeping with our Green and Sustainable focus and unique products all products are built and constructed as ordered. Shipping and handling fees are extra.



  • Locally Sourced Materials

    Manufactured in New Brunswick Canada and distributed utilizing the highest quality natural wood products and processes found within Atlantic Canada - ensuring our footprint is not only minimal but also of highest quality workmanship

  • Unique and Custom

    Our commitment is to design and build every project with its unique characteristics - no two products are the same.

  • Respect Nature

    We instill passion in our products by respecting nature



Raised Vegetable Planters

Facts - All Wood Sourced from Local Timber Private Woodlot Management Owners.

Excellent for growing your own Vegetable Plot on your Patio, Deck, Urban Landscape- In a 3 foot x 6 foot plot you can grow $500-$600 value of food. And knowing where they have been. Carbon Footprint Neutral.

Plant grow and eat your own produce right from your door step. Made locally from local supply of lumber. Designed for easy assembly and shipping.

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PPE-For the Tokers, Smokers, or the Midnight Road Trips!

Fact - Old Style Smoke was held in Pipes to keep hands clean. Why not protect the hands and use this Small Wooden Hand Held Clip.

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Bird houses

  1. Natural Insect Control

Facts - Did you know that birds can eat up too 6x their own weight per night. Why not support their living environment. Recommended 3 units per Acre of Land within a Rural setting with surrounding forests. Urban Landscapes 1 unit per Acre of Land.

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